A “Millionaire’s Tax” - Rewriting Pennsylvania’s Constitution

Deep inequality has been baked into our state’s Constitution. Under the so-called “uniformity clause”, Pennsylvania is prohibited from levying higher income tax rates on high earners, creating an absurd situation where poor families facing a higher tax burden, by percentage, than do the richest among us. This has resulted in Pennsylvania having the fifth most regressive tax system in the nation.

This must be addressed, if we are to sustainably fund progressive priorities. We must unite, across Pennsylvania, to amend our constitution to allow for a progressive income tax. This will reduce our disproportionate reliance on property taxes, sales taxes, and other regressive taxes that are currently many localities’ only real revenue option.

In the interim, I am a strong supporter of the “Fair Share Tax”, which would place a higher tax rate on income from wealth (capital gains, dividends, etc) and could be accomplished without a constitutional amendment.