Economy and Labor

It is an absolute disgrace that, in this era of skyrocketing corporate profits, working Pennsylvanians putting in backbreaking hours are not paid a living wage. Thanks to the dismantling of unions, rampant deindustrialization, and a state government that hands out massive tax breaks to big business, we have seen a systematic transfer of our state’s wealth to a privileged few, away from the rest of us.

We need to move away from a failed strategy of corporate tax breaks. The only way our state government can truly support sustainable economic growth is to invest in our state, and to invest in its people. To that end, I will:

Continue to fight for a $15 minimum wage, which is long overdue. We must move toward a world where all workers are paid a decent living wage.

Use the power of my office to support my constituents’ right and ability to unionize.

Support investments in our state’s infrastructure. Spending on our roads, bridges, public transit, and ports creates good union jobs and improves our quality of life in the short term, and encourages sustainable economic growth in the long term.

Rebuild our system of public higher education. Education and economics cannot be separated. A long-term investment in our workforce is the single best investment Pennsylvania can make.