Summer in the News

  • Summer Lee strives to brighten her community, as she runs for state House seat | Pittsburgh Courier (Jan 18, 2018) - "... I truly feel like where we need the most help in our community is in policy—we need laws written, we need political power in our communities—so I just felt like that’s where I could be most effective."
  • Summer Lee touts Democratic-socialist policies | PGH City Paper (Jan 16, 2018) - "A lot of people don't know this, but Martin Luther King was a radical. He called for an end to capitalism. He wanted to unite poor people. He knew that if we can't end that system, we would fail in our goals."
  • Summer Lee kicks off campaign to unseat Paul Costa | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Jan 15, 2018) - Noting that the event had been scheduled on Martin Luther King Jr. Day -- and that Mr. King had crusaded not just for racial equality but economic equity -- Ms. Lee said, "What we want to do in this campaign is continue the work" that he'd begun.
  • The socialists vs. the Costas | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Dec 8, 2017) - "I think the 34th district is a bit more progressive than our representation."

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